Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) Academy manages Single Learner Classrooms for PlexLearning (SLCoP). Plexlearning allows busy family members, teachers, mentors, and other stakeholders, to coalesce in Systemic and Deeply Collaborative Dialogues in trusted spaces around education experiences involving the creation, conveyance and use of knowledge for solving neighborhood community development and economic problems.

In PTAL Academy family classrooms, education is not just preparation for life – education is life. The use of Artificial Intelligent Technologies (AIT) as authorized actors in these classrooms give useful meanings to life-long learning. AIT supported compressive K-12 academic curriculums are systematically organized to accommodate continuous SLCoP experiences with privileged benefits, and cost savings, for all stakeholders.    Learn More

PTAL Academy education services manage increasing cost of quality education. These include, but not limited to, complementary academic enrichment programs, professional development, and preparation for gateway exams that reduce time towards earning desired degrees and professional certifications. Learn More


Open Data and Open Course Learning Programs
Professional Development After School and Enrichment Programs
Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Education
Effective Preparatory & Gateway Exams Support
Advance Tax Studies Advance Placement (AP)
Financial Planning General Certificate Exams (GCE)
High School Diploma and GED Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (CAPE)
Basic Single Learner Classrooms for PlexLearning (SLCoP) Tools
Microsoft Office 360 Microsoft Visual Studios
Google Docs Adobe Creative Cloud
Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha MATLAB with Simulink